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For Law Enforcement agencies there are many certification authorities to choose from. Some have long histories, some have been started to improve canine certification standards and others for political or social reasons. Choosing a certification authority for your handlers to become certified through is very important. A certification is simply a qualification earned by a K9 or K9 Team to assure qualifications to perform in a specific area (narcotics, explosive, tracking, apprehension, etc…)

K9 Operations offers both K9 only Bedbug certifications and K9 Team Bedbug certifications. Both are conducted under the same standards of which can be obtained upon request. Currently, we do not offer K9 Team Certification for Law Enforcement.

K9 only certifications are designed for companies wanting to sell certified dogs, and does not mean that the K9 Team is certified. K9 Team certifications are good for one year and will come with a certificate stating that all standards have been met.

Bedbug detection working dogs have become very popular over the past few years. Based on my research there has not been a standard set as to the minimum requirements, nor standards set as to the certification of Bedbug Detection Dogs. I have seen many advertised certifications for such, but no set guidelines as to the basic necessities required to certify competency of Bedbug Detection Dogs or teams.

K9 Operations utilizes a two point method for certification of a K9/Team. First is a odor recognition test to determine if the K9/Team can identify odor as well as discriminate other odors that are not part of the K9 scent picture.

The second phase is to determine if the K9 Handler is competent in reading their assigned K9 and can work productively together. This is conducted in two different real world scenarios ranging from offices, movie theaters, hotels, homes, and other practical work environments. The handler must demonstrate the ability to read alerts and manage their assigned K9 in these environments.

Certifications are pass/fail based on performance of the K9/Team and will be conducted by a non-biased member of K9 Operations. Our personnel selected to conduct certifications are from various Law Enforcement entities, with many years of experience as a K9 Handler and/or are certification judges from other certification entities. All our certifications will be conducted live and in person, utilizing our materials and our locations.