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Basic Handler Courses

K9 Operations' goal is to provide K9 Team training, which will provide handlers the working experience needed to maintain a sound investment for your company. The only way to have an investment, such as a working dog, pay off, is for handlers to learn the proper techniques to maintain the credibility of the dog.

This course covers much more than just handling skills. The teams will be given class room instruction and testing in the following areas: Safety and health maintenance (home/work), principles of detection training, K9 behavior, Basic K9 anatomy, Basic K9 First-Aid, Science of training and learning, Scent Theory, K9 maintenance training skills, practical home to work issues, training record keeping.

My goal is to prepare handlers to become more fluent in the art of reading and working their dog with a comprehensive program, combining classroom and handler skill training. While I feel that a longer course would give handlers more opportunity to better their skills prior to leaving, I have made the shorter course available in order to reduce the cost of training and the time the handler is away. Working with dogs that are already certified in the desired odors gives the handlers the opportunity to advance much faster.

When a canine team returns from training, they are returning from a basic skills course. It is impossible to have a team at optimal performance after a basic course. The real education begins in maintenance training. Creating a “seasoned” detection team requires regular weekly, or at minimum bi-monthly, training sessions in a variety of real-world environments. It is important for handlers to find and continue training with a qualified trainer, one who can provide these elements, to ensure success as a detection team. See our Maintenance training section for further details.

Bed Bug Detection Handler Training

This is a three week comprehensive course providing handlers both classroom and real world experience in how to read and work their assigned K9 in bed bug detection. Handlers must have a K9 certified in bed bug detection to participate in this course, as this is not a green dog training course.

This course will cover much more than just handling skills. Teams will be given classroom instruction and testing in the following areas: Safety and Health Maintenance (home/work), Drive and Its Importance in Training, Principles of Detection Training, K9 behavior, Basic K9 anatomy, Basic K9 First-Aid, Science of Training and Learning, Scent Theory, K9 Maintenance Training Skills, practical home to work issues, and training record keeping.

The handler’s time is balanced between classroom and hands-on practical training. The majority of handler skills training will be conducted in real world scenarios in a effort to better prepare handlers for a actual working environment.

We will also plan to offer a two-day manager’s course at no additional cost. This course will illustrate what is required from management to train and maintain a working dog, record-keeping, operating policies and procedures, and the proper and practical uses of a Detector Dog Team. This course can be taken during any of the handler training courses throughout the year.

120 Hour Basic Handler Training Program

The last two days of this program includes the opportunity to certify as a Detector Dog Team. In the event that a handler needs to attempt certification on a day after the course has ended there will be a recertification fee of $50 per team. All K9 Teams passing our certification standards will receive a certificate, valid for one year, stating the team is a trained to identify the presence of bed bugs.

Please contact sara@k9operations.com for course prices, dates and requirements to attend the next course offered.