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Police K9 Training

160 Hour Basic Handler Training Course

This is a four week comprehensive course providing handlers both class room and real world experience in how to read and work their assigned K9 in narcotics, explosives, tracking and apprehension training. Handlers must have a K9 certified for narcotics/explosives detection to participate in this course, as this is not a green dog training course

For agencies needing to purchase a full service K9 prior to attending our next course, please contact pat@k9operations.com and I will assist you in finding the right dog for your program.

This course covers much more than just handling skills. The teams will be given classroom instruction and testing in the following areas: Safety and Health maintenance (home/work environments), Drive and Its Importance in Training, Principles of Detection Training, K9 behavior, Basic K9 anatomy, Basic K9 First-Aid, Science of Training and Learning, Scent Theory, K9 Maintenance Training Skills, practical home to work issues, and training record keeping.

This course will give your handler the basic skills needed for certification with their assigned K9 with an approved certification authority.

Maintenance Training

To ensure the best working dog for your agency, the teams need to conduct both daily and weekly maintenance training. While the handlers will be given the basic skills to work their assigned dog, this doesn’t mean they won’t develop working obstacles after completing the program.

It would be optimal for your working dog teams to conduct maintenance training in a working environment a minimum of eight hours per month. K9 Operations offers both weekly and bi-weekly maintenance training. I offer group rates for agencies with multiple dogs enrolled.

For pricing or additional information on maintenance training, please contact pat@k9operations.com.